Hi I’m Chris Ford, a 3D artist with a focus on look-development and photo-realistic related work. You can find my Showreel and past projects I’ve worked on in the links at the top right. I’ll be updating my blog as regularly as possible, most of the posts will be related to Maya & Houdini, but for now I’m starting off with some theory related posts on physically based shading.



Email : chrisford.za AT gmail DOT com

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Christopher. Great website man!
    Dude, I was reading your blog about the energy conservation shading, and it’s really interesting. I even went ahead and tried to wire up a scene in vray. But holy hell, I can’t figure out how to connect every thing, could you possibly add a little bit more information on this set up? Or do you have any other interesting links to check out?
    Thanks Cheers


    1. Hey Kev.
      If you are using the v-ray material it is not needed to do this. It does it automatically.
      Was more for a theory lesson on how the v-ray material is working under the hood.
      If you want to try it yourself I can upload a sample scene of this setup actually working.
      It will just look different to the image I posted with having nested connections in the


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