ATP World Tour Pitch – 2013

This was done during my time at TX MOTIONMEDIA in 2013.

What started out as a pitch ended up becoming a cool little internal project for the company reel. I did modeling/sculpting, all of the texturing,shading & lighting aswell as the fracturing and rigid body simulation. Clinton Ford did the dust simulation,  ball animation , ball fur modeling and maya folicle animation for the typography reveal in the second shot. Theo Le-Roux Preis handled the final composite & grade.

We modeled the ball in Maya and Mudbox. The rubber gut was modeled in mudbox and the fur on the ball was done with old-school Maya PaintFX. We did the animation of the ball squishing on impact with a simple lattice deformer. The fracturing was done inside of softimage in the ICE system and exported back to Maya. I also animated the shader changing on the edges of the cracks as the crack spread out, to a more white/chipped shader. The rigid body simulation itself was done using bullet inside of Maya. And finally the text reveal was done using curves converted to Maya folicles, reverse animating the ‘rest shape attract’ attribute. Rendering was done in v-ray.

Here is the final video and below that, some work in progress images:

Completed ball model (Mudbox & Maya PaintFX)

Image converted using ifftoany
Fracture WIP – viewport screenshot
ground crack viewport
Original pitch concept – I sculpted the wall detail and keys in Mudbox
Image converted using ifftoany
Ground shader WIP
Close to final look, WIP render.