Ignition Promo : Memoriis Itinerum – 2012/2013

This was done during my time at TX MOTIONMEDIA in late 2012 / early 2013.

We were initially briefed on this as a programme imaging package for a proposed show on the South African car orientated channel called Ignition. It ended up turning into a promo for the channel instead as the job progressed.

I did all of the texturing,shading & lighting aswell as helped with a small amount of assets modeling and helped out a bit with the nCloth simulations at the end of the sequence.

Here is the final promo:

And here is an old preview we put out to show the client mid production.
Although this is just raw 3D (no mblur or DOF , with minimal comp I still really like this version

Below are some work in progress lookdev images from the project while we were still working on it:
Please click the images to open them in full resolution.
ea42de14b4546bc6b7f5f965f3c4bbfaImage converted using ifftoany0d73c5e0da149a7db3b59bfe2fa1e579

Above is a render of the projector in the opening shot.
I modeled everything, if you look close you will notice bits of dust scattered over the lens
I modeled 5 variations of dust and scattered them across the model for added realism.
The lens smudge marks was done with mapping a smudge
map to the anisotropic rotation and reflection glossyness.