KFC Kreamball TVC Campaign – 2013

This was done during my time at TX MOTIONMEDIA at the end of 2013.
I did all of the texturing , shading & lighting. I also modeled all of the biscuit, cups and spoon assets. And helped with the rigid body simulations of the biscuit pieces. My colleague Clinton Ford handled all of the liquid simulations in Realfow and Theo Le Roux-Preis did the final compositing.

We went through a lot of sculpt iterations for each biscuit ingredient before arriving at the final result. For the berry sauce we had to scatter random berry pieces inside the sauce that followed the animation and simulation of the fluid in order to achieve the final realistic result.

We knew job was going to be intensive on the Sub Surface Scattering, which is very expensive to render, so we had to incorperate a bunch of precaching and texture baking techniques to allow us to have full frame full quality SSS frames come out in a decent and managable timeframe. The sauces, ice cream and shortbread biscuit bits all required SSS on them to really sell them. Crafting the lighting, we utilised a few HDR photometrically accurate textures of square softboxes as our main source of light and placed them in a way to mimic a great studio lighting setup. For rendering we used a full brute force raytraced setup.

The simulation workflow for the solid/rigid ingredients was easy enough to troubleshoot and solve. We turned to bullet physics for our primary rigid body sim of the biscuits exploding.