Khumba (Film) – 2011/2012

I worked on this film at Triggerfish Animation studios between 2011 and 2012 as Lead Shader Artist.
Software used was Autodesk Softimage and Solid Angle’s Arnold renderer.

My position involved creating and maintaining shader networks & shader compounds
for the texturing department, design and setup of all character shaders.
Implementation of a Mari style multi-tile UV setup for Arnold.
I also had to make sure all shader networks were always energy conserving
and fixing lots of issues related to this because Arnold was still in early beta..
We were also constantly changing Arnold versions during production because
of the fur and ICE updates that were required.
So I had to solve any issues related to Arnold shaders between version upgrades of SItoA as they were updating
the shader math and code along the way.
I Also worked with the lighting deparment on any shading/lighting related issues,
ensuring all non-character shader networks maintained AOV outputs.