Nile Gold Beer TVC – 2012

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    This was done during my time at TX MOTIONMEDIA in mid 2012.
    The video shown here is just the raw 3D from the ad.
    The final TVC was quite long.
    This was done using Maya, mentalray, After Effects & Photoshop. Whenever there is a relatively simple environment, like a product shot, I opt for mentalray over other renderers because it has a couple tools like the mia_envblur and max raytrace distance that help resolve glossy rays really well in these situations (static object, moving camera)..
    The water droplet trickling down the bottle was run as a particle simulation inside of Maya’s Nucleus engine. Trial and error was a given, but the moment we arrived at a stage where we were happy enough with the particles and their interactions, we cached and converted them to a high resolution mesh. The droplet animation was also made to dynamically affect the finer condensation through the shaders. Lighting was done with a couple area lights and reflector boards. Since the camera is macro on the beer bottle – our final render scene was geometry intense. The condensation and beer bottle needed to be subdivided enough for us to model any imperfections that would help contribute to the realism.