Old Architectural Visualizations 2009 – 2011

Ten-On-Lane 2011

This was done during my time at TX MOTIONMEDIA in 2011.
Myself and Clinton Ford on 3D while Theo Le-Roux Preis did the final grading.
We were commissioned to produce 3D architectural visualisations, for a development designed by StudioMas .
Our workflow and approach to the project, were the same as any other VFX project at the studio, with in depth attention to detail to the smallest of elements.

ten_on_laneten_on_lane_wireten_on_lane_sample_network_concrete tumblr_m92zpgnkHM1retr6go2_1280tumblr_m92zpgnkHM1retr6go3_1280


Envisage 3D 2009

Some renders from my Arch Viz endeavours with Rory Piper in 2009
tumblr_m930bl58nt1retr6go2_1280 tumblr_m930bl58nt1retr6go3_1280 (1) Camera1 tumblr_m930bl58nt1retr6go4_1280 tumblr_m930bl58nt1retr6go1_1280