Project 2501 – A Homage To Ghost In The Shell – 2014


This passion project was a collaboration of a lot of artists from all over the globe. To capture the essence of the original title sequence from GITS.

You can view the final project website here:

A behind the scenes website of the project that better represents the 3D artists that worked on the project:

I had the incredible privilege of working on this alongside many talented artists I was involved with the lookdev work on the headshot frames working with Furio Tedeschi, Gavriil Klimov and Ash Thorp. Furio modeled and sculpted the entire badass mechanical-head model and assets, Gavriil did the neck mechanics and cables. I worked on the texturing/shading/lighting and Ash did the final composite and graphic design. Special thanks to Michał Misiński and team at Juice for taking over the render wrangling on the 8k frames and animating the final bit with sound design.

I want to thank everyone else involved too for making such a cool piece of art come to life and personally want to thank Furio, Filipe, Gavriil , Maciej, Michal, Simon, Valentin and Vaughan for all of the killer work they did.
Here is my own breakdown video of my shader setups on the head shot.
I had some massive limitations with the assets and time, so went quite a procedural route with the texturing.