VW Launch – 2013

This was done during my time at TX MOTIONMEDIA in 2013
Clinton Ford and myself did all of the 3D. Theo Le-Roux Preis handled the final composite. I modeled the road, some shrubbery and some finer car headlight details. I did all of the texturing shading and lighting. Clinton did a lot of the tree modeling, car animation and leaf nCloth simulation. I much preferred the original photographic grading as seen in the image above. The final grade was more tone mapped and more what an eye would see than a camera.

The trees and shrubbery were modeled in Onyx Supergarden and oldschool Maya PaintFX. Extra bark detailing was done in mudbox. The ivy growing up some of the trees was handled with a  separate little free app called ivyGen. It was quite strange the hardest part of this for us was acutally getting the colours of all the foliage to look and feel correct,
that took the most time felt like we were endlessly tweaking and changing our minds about it.
The road was also quite a hectic thing. I ended up splitting it up into 8 seperate pieces of geo with 8k – 16k textures to maintain highest fidelity when the camera was close up. On top of this I scattered finer grout stones within the asphault a couple hundred thousand or so using maya particle instancing. Everything in the scene had to be proxied because of the high poly-count. I also reverted to converting all textures to tiled and mip-mapped exr’s for greater memory efficiency when rendering.
The final frames were about an hour a frame to render on a single i7 machine.

Below are some work in progress renders aswell as a clay render of the scene.
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